Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful to have God in my life.
Today I am thankful for my loving family.
Today I am thankful for this miracle inside of my belly.
Today I am thankful for my friends.
Today I am thankful that I have a stable job and opportunities abound.
Today I am thankful for you.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, but may the feeling of gratitude live in our hearts all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

13 Weeks!

Today is the second day of my second trimester! Wahoo! I finally am out of the first and am not looking back.  I feel truly blessed to have had such an easy first trimester compared to most pregnant women.  No vomiting--I MEAN NONE, ZIP, ZILCH.  Many times I felt as though I might, or I thought I would feel better if I did, but didn't. I am not really feeling nauseous after eating anymore either. I have developed a new pregnancy symptom though that I will tell you about in the survey below.

How far along? 13 WEEKS! YEEHAA!
Total weight gain: I am not sure.  I haven't weighed myself in a long time.  I don't really want to either.  Its just easier that way. At least for now.
Maternity clothes? I think I am about to have to trade over to maternity pants.  I am tired of pulling my pants up because they are falling below my growing belly. (I used to have to pull my pants up because they were too big... funny how things change.)
Stretch marks? Not yet, thank goodness. 
Sleep: Much better lately. I am getting used to getting up in the night to use the restroom.  It is pretty neat how the body prepares the mother for the future late night disturbances.
Best moment this week: Fixing these terrible roots on my head.  

Miss Anything? The usual, but I have really been missing margaritas this week. 
Movement: You know, not yet. But I have been feeling a little different things happening in my stomach and I keep thinking it is movement.  I have a feeling in the next week or two I will feel a kick or hiccup.  (At least I hope!)
Food cravings: FINALLY satisfied my cheeseburger craving!! FINALLY! Union Kitchen had the BEST cheeseburger! I halved it too so I got to enjoy it TWICE!!  Hmm... maybe I will order another for dinner tonight. ;)  No other cravings really. 
Gender Prediction:  Well, everyone is predicting boy. I don't think anyone has guessed girl yet.  I still have no clue. 
Labor Signs: N/A
Symptoms: Fatigue of course hasn't disappeared.  The newest symptom which my OB/GYN warned me about is round ligament pain. It is supposed to start in the second trimester, and sure enough it began last week.  It is a sharp jabbing pain felt in the lower abdomen and/or groin area.  It doesn't happen all the time, very randomly. 
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!!  I felt so happy earlier this week just thinking about the future and whats to come.  
Looking forward to: THANKSGIVING! I cannot wait to eat DELICIOUS food and be around my wonderful family.  This is the best time of year.  There is nothing I would rather do, no place I would rather be than with my family which I am so thankful for. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

12 Weeks!

One more week and I am FINALLY out of the first trimester! WAHOO! This tri has felt like it has been going by so slowly.  Probably because I am so eager to know the gender of sweet baby Barnes. Regardless, one more week and GOODBYE first trimester!  Hopefully the next two wont go by so slowly.

I have been looking at belly pictures of other pregnant women (Google searched)  at weeks 13, 14 and 15 and I definitely see baby bellies on them.  This makes me feel a little better because I feel like I am showing quite a bit (pretty much just look like I ate too many donuts).  Can't wait to actually look pregnant and not fat.

To celebrate coming out of the first trimester I made a hair appointment next weekend to fix these two-inch roots on my head.  FINALLY! I couldn't be more excited about it.  I have been feeling so blah lately and I think most of it is due to not feeling "put together". It always feels good to get my hair colored, nails painted... you know the normal things girls like to do to pamper themselves.  Maybe I will go get a mani/pedi soon, too.  :)

I don't know about you guys, but I am so excited for the holidays.  I feel so fortunate that my parents and in-laws live so close together. Andrew and I usually get to spend the holidays with both sides every year.  In fact, this year we are all (both sides) going out to my family ranch to spend Thanksgiving together.  Then Andrew's side of the family and I will head up to Ft. Worth the next day to see Andrew's brother, sister-in-law, their two year old, Dylan, and the new twin girls, Anna and Emma!  It is going to be a wonderful holiday!  I absolutely love spending time with family! It is crazy to think that this time next year we will have a little six month old of our own getting to experience his/her first Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oh and the holiday music! Boy do I love the holiday music.  I know a lot of you are tired of it (I mean it is the SAME music EVERY YEAR... I get it) and don't want to hear it as early as November, but there is something about that first holiday song I hear come on the radio (usually around November 15 ... just a few days away). I feel my entire body rush with excitement and joy.  Oh man... I just got so excited about Christmas music that I had to put it on Pandora as I type this post.  First song, "You better watch out".

Can you tell that I am an optimist yet?  No, I am not oblivious to the bad things in life, I just prefer not to think about it and focus on the happy and exciting things.  Its much better that way.

Alright enough about the holidays for now. (No worries, much more to come over the next few weeks!) Lets talk about Baby Barnes.  I haven't had time to update the chalkboard this weekend yet (I am in San Antonio while Andrew and my dad are running the Rock'n'Roll Marathon as I type this).  As soon as I get home this evening I will make a 12 week board and who knows... maybe take a picture of my donut belly next to it! ;) Here's what has been going on with BB.

How far along? 12 Weeks
Total weight gain: 4 lbs I think only because I am eating so poorly.  I think I can only attribute one or two pounds to the baby... the rest is all me! :/
Maternity clothes? Two maternity shirts... only because they are so long in the body.  I seriously think I am going to keep buying maternity shirts post baby just for the length.  Is that weird? lol
Stretch marks? No, just bought some stretch mark cream so hopefully wont have any. 
Sleep: Not sleeping very well... never really did pre baby. Now I find myself waking up on a weekend around 6 am and not able to go back to sleep, so I just get up.  I get up at least once a night, usually around 3-4 am, to use the restroom.
Best moment this week: Took a few pictures for random things and baby Barnes has decided to make his/her debut in the pictures.  (My belly definitely showing in the pictures.)
Miss Anything? Goat cheese, wine and margaritas.  
Movement: Not yet... but hopefully soon.  I read on other people's blogs that they felt movement as early as 14 weeks!!
Food cravings: Still wanting a cheeseburger.  I keep getting them and eating them, but for some reason it just doesn't satisfy the "cheeseburger craving" I've been having.   I think I am adding too much too it like onions and jalapenos, etc.  I just need to get a normal burger with meat, cheese and mustard... nothing else. Maybe that will do it? WHO KNOWS!   Anything making you queasy or sick: Surprisingly, minty things.  It just doesn't do it for me.
Gender Prediction:  I have absolutely no idea.   If I had to make a prediction... looking at pregnant bellies online, it seems that the ones that are pregnant with girls, the baby sits higher than the girls that are pregnant with boys.  It might be a myth but I heard if its a boy, the baby is usually lower  and girl, higher.  This baby is definitely lower, so I predict BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: FATIGUE FATIGUE FATIGUE!!!  That's mostly it.
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: in
Looking forward to: I know I already mentioned it, but the holidays!!  Christmas music, delicious food, cozying up by the fire, hot chocolate, etc. etc.! Bring on the holidays~

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weeks 10 & 11

Weeks ten and eleven have come and gone. So much has happened so let me fill you in...

Yes, baby Barnes was once the size of a prune, but in just a week is now the size of a large plum! Our sweet baby is growing so quickly and we couldn't be more proud.  I am now nearing the end of the first trimester (FINALLY).  Morning sickness is getting better (either that or I am just getting used to it). I realized the prenatal vitamins I was taking was making me really sick and uncomfortable.  Since I have changed prenates, I have been feeling so much better and am MUCH happier!  I usually just feel a little queazy every time after I eat.  Other than that the only issue is ridiculous exhaustion 24 hours a day.  No matter where I am, I feel like I can just collapse and pass out!  Problem is, I have no time for my much needed naps.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to make an 11 week chalkboard, but you better bet I will make a 12 week and who knows, maybe I will take a picture in front of it, too.  My belly is starting to protrude a little and baby is finally making his/her belly debut. (Barely, but he/she's there!)  I keep finding myself softly holding my belly. I don't do it intentionally but it just feels comfortable to put my hands on my lower belly.

Baby Barnes weighs as much as half an ounce now and is around two and a half inches long from crown to rump!  His/her digestive system is now flexing and practicing contraction movements.  His/her pituitary gland has now started producing hormones, and his/her bone marrow is now making white blood cells.  Baby Barnes is now almost in full function!  SO EXCITING!

We got to see BB again about a week and a half ago.  Everything looked GREAT, heartbeat was healthy, we are right on schedule so far with baby's predicted due date, and baby looked happy (well I liked to think so although I couldn't really see his/her face features. ;)

While baby Barnes has been hard at work in growing, mama Barnes has been busy researching, Pinning on Pinterest, and planning.  I have started baby Barnes's first registry on Amazon, although since I don't really know what I am doing, I have a feeling it will change a lot over the next few weeks until we find out baby's gender.  I have the entire nursery planned.  (I said planned, not complete).   That deserves a post for itself.  It is so much fun to daydream about what baby will look like and plan for the future.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most important thing: Baby Barnes got to vote with mommy today!  Such an  important day for our nation and I am so glad that BB got to be a part of the experience.  I was a little bummed that they did not give me a sticker though.  I don't know why but I was so excited about getting a sticker, and they didn't have any!  LAME!

Now I shall leave you with a little news about baby:
How far along?  11 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss?  2 lbs (but that always fluctuates daily)
Maternity clothes?  Well not yet, but I did buy a pregnancy undershirt just because it is super long in the torso. 
Stretch marks? I am scared of them so I just ordered some cream online to make sure they don't appear!
Sleep?  My sleep schedule is pretty lousy.  Falling asleep is no problem.  Waking up throughout the night is another problem.  I think I usually wake up at least two times a night to use the bathroom, two more times because my cat wakes me up, and maybe one more time because I am hot or uncomfortable.  
Best moment last week? Seeing Baby Barnes for the second time.  Boy has he/she grown!  
Movement?  Nope.
Food cravings?  Burgers still.  I just always want a burger but didn't eat one for like three weeks. ( I have no idea why). Over the last week though I have had two. 
Gender? No clue.  I have no predictions either. 
Labor signs? I sure hope not.  Too early!
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Running (just haven't had the time or energy) and margaritas. 

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving in a few weeks and all the delicious food that comes with it. 
Milestones: Baby grew from a prune to a large plum! 

That's all for now friends.  Till next week... xoxo