Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalkboard Tutorial

I am finally beginning to get a better feel for my crafty side. (I knew it was deep down there somewhere...) It is a small crafty side, but heck, I'll take a small one over no crafty side at all.

So this weekend I was looking on Etsy at chalkboards. Pretty much any board bigger than a picture frame was $75-$200!!  That is cray-cray, right?  So, I decided to make my own and the final product was... wait for it... wait for it... A WHOPPING $60. (For the size I made mine, they were ~$175-$200 on Etsy!) I know that's still quite a bit, but I still have a lot of left over paint for more crafts (possibly chalkboards I can put up on Etsy and charge for $200), and I get the satisfaction of enjoying the chalkboard that I made EVERY DAY! 

For those of you that are interested in making your own, here are a few tips:
Make sure to pick a picture frame with a solid wood frame and a wood backing.  You can either use spray paint or can paint.  I started with spray paint, but ended up going over it all with can paint. I think that the can chalkboard paint is much thicker and will work better with the chalk.  

Here are a few pictures (and a little movie) to help guide you:

Here is the paint line-up. Like I said, I started with the spray paint, but ended up using the can paint afterwards (which I think works and looks MUCH BETTER).  Moral of story, I would highly recommend starting with can paint so that you don't waste your money on the spray paint... unless you want to just use spray paint.)

Please don't pay attention to my alien pale skin.

My lovely husband helped with the spray painting! :) 

I then did all of this over again with can paint and forgot to take pictures! haha



I'm supposed to allow three days for the chalkboard paint to set (it dries in 30 minutes). As soon as it sets and I have it up, I will post an update with how well the chalk writes! :) 


Days Sixteen - Twenty-One #FEBphotoaday

Day Sixteen. Something New(ish) #FEBphotoaday

Day Seventeen.Time. #FEBphotoaday

Day Eighteen. Drink. #FEBphotoaday

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Day Twenty. Handwriting. #FEBphotoaday

Day Twenty-One. Fave Photo of You. #FEBphotoaday #BridalPortrait

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Fifteen. Phone. #Febphotoaday #TooMuchFunWithPhotoShop = RAINBOWPHONE

Days Eleven-Fourteen #FEBphotoaday + Some Extras...

Day Eleven. Makes You Happy. #FEBphotoaday. #PerfumeObsession

Day Twelve. Inside Your Closet #FEBphotoaday. #TooEmbarassedToPostAPicture.

Day Thirteen. Blue. #FEBPhotoaday #MadeTheseMyself

Day Fourteen. Hearts. #FEBphotoaday. #ValentinesDay

My hubby spoiled me for Valentine's Day. Due to my inability to pick a favorite color of my favorite flower... he got me all three!  Four dozen Tulips!

Last weekend we went to Rock Lake Ranch to celebrate my parent's birthdays.  The weather was chilly but gorgeous! I never hesitate with any opportunity to hold my sweet niece, just four weeks old.  She is such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Eight. Sun. #FEBphotoaday

Practically blinded myself for this photo! Isn't it amazing?

Special Birthday Shout Out(S)

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing family!  I am even more fortunate that a lot of my family was born within the same month!

First, a belated birthday shout-out to my sister-in-law, Laura, on February 1st.  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!  Hope you had an amazing day filled with love and wishing you a wonderful new year to come!

My Beautiful Sister-in-law, Laura, and Me at Greg and Laura's Rehearsal Dinner

I always love that I will never forget my mother's birthday. She used to be the one that started off the birthday month, but no longer holds this position as Laura has now taken over this spot! :)  She was born on a year ending in "0" so I NEVER forget how old she is. ( I suppose this could be a good and/or bad thing.  ;)) Tomorrow, February 9, is my mother's birthday!  Happy Birthday Mother! I sure hope your day will be as special as you are to me! I love you very much and thank you for being such a beautiful example of the person I hope to be.
Here is my mother and me at a cooking class at Central Market

 Of course, I can't forget my dad's birthday either, because he was born two days later (in a different year). Happy Birthday Dad! May this year bring all the success and fulfillment that your heart desires!  Wishing you many more miles and smiles in the coming years! Thanks for being my running buddy.  I love you very much!

Here is my dad, Andrew and Me just after running the Chicago Marathon at the Bean

Wishing you ALL the best on your special day! I love y'all very much~

Catching You Up Days 1-7

Day One. Your View Today. #FEBPHOTOADAY

Day Two. W-O-R-D-S. "Forever Young" ~Joan Baez #FEBphotoaday

Day Three. Hands. #FEBphotoaday

Day Four. Stranger #FEBphotoaday

Day Five. 10 a.m. Walking out of church. #FEBphotoaday

Day Six. Dinner. ( forgot to take a picture of the meal... So I decided to take a pic of my wine.) #FEBphotoaday

Day Seven. Buttons. #FEBphotoaday


I have been definitely slacking on the blog-side of life.  For that I apologize. Here is a challenge to you all!! I started it about 2 weeks ago (jumped on the wagon at the end of January.) I am on day 8 for February and loving it! It has truly helped me with my photography... I don't just snap pictures anymore.  I am starting to really put thought in the angle, lighting, filters, etc. Anyway, jump on this wagon if you are interested.  It is something fun to do & a lot more fun to follow others and see their take on the same idea! GET CREATIVE!

How to take part in February photo-a-day:

1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FEBphotoaday. You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them.

Note: The list is purely for inspiration, however you interpret the daily prompt is up to you. There are no hard and fast rules. For instance for day 22, if you don't officially 'work' and are a mum or looking for work - then show something that you consider to be work (or a chore perhaps). It doesn't have to be office stuff ... it's as loose as you want or need it to be. Just have fun and enjoy!