Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moved Back!

Okay okay, I KNOW! Story of my life...  I can't make my mind up for the life of me!!! I am going to drive myself crazy I think trying to decide which blog domain I should stick with. Please bare with me over the next few months.  I think I am going to stick with blogspot because I love Google and think it is much more user-friendly than WordPress... 

I think WordPress is for those professional bloggers that know what they are doing with all the HTML stuff to add in there. Maybe someday I will get there... but until then I am going to stick with blogspot!  THE END!

I stopped blogging for a while for 2 reasons:
1. Was getting annoyed with WordPress because I couldn't make it do the things I wanted it to do.
2. I ran out of things to write.

BUT, lo and behold, with a little creativity and fun events happening in my life over the next few months, I think I might be able to conjure up some interesting blogs. (at least I hope!) AGAIN... bare with me!! Hang in there, and I hope you won't be disappointed.

Until my next GREAT IDEA... Happy 4th of July!! Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend with family and friends and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

P.S. Don't ask about my background! I think I am going to need some professional help with fixing that. Every time I try to change it... EVERYTHING DELETES, I have an almost heart attack, realize its just the background HTML (yeah, that stuff I can't figure out on WordPress), and take a deep breath and start over.  Somehow, I managed to put up a half and half background.  HOW DID I DO THAT?? Anyone care to help me with this? Help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!! I want it to be a fun background... what do I do?

Armadillos, Bunnies and Owls... OH MY!

YEP… it’s true~ I had a breathe-taking run this morning (no pun intended), and Andrew joined me too!
Andrew: a rare breed to come by these days during my morning runs. They tend to stay nuzzled up all warm in their cocoons until the sun rises.
Luckly, the sun was up and so was Andrew! We had a wonderful run this morning (not easy though by any means… ) I wish I had brought my camera with me because we saw some of God’s beautiful (and not so beautiful) creatures during our run. First, spotting was an owl that swooped over our heads and off into the sky to no man’s land. Next, spotting was an ARMIDILLO! (Every time I see one I think of the song by David Allen Coe, “My mind keeps rollin’ and my heart keeps yearnin’ to be home in Texas bar. I want to go home with the armadillo…”) Anyway, up next on our run was a bunny!! This was no ordinary bunny… it was the EASTER BUNNY… at least I think. It was brown and white mixed fur and looked really cuddly if only I could have caught it! Other sightings were your usual squirrel named Earl, some flies, ants, and oh of course, ANDREW!
…Such a rare and beautiful occasion!

My TERRIBLE, No Good, Very Bad Night Sleep!

I slept TERRIBLY last night! And when I say terrible, I mean HORRIBLY, NO-GOOD, TOSSING AND TURNING, WAKING UP THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT terrible! Let me lay my night out for you…
9:00 P.M. In bed like a good little girl!
9:30 P.M. Still not asleep… way too much on my mind! MUST TURN OFF BRAIN…
10:00 P.M. (I think I fell asleep?)
12:00 A.M. Andrew comes to bed after working late hours, and wakes me up and I am drenched in a miserable sweat because I am so hot! “UGH… why did you have to wake me Andrew? No more talking!”
1:00 A.M.. ME: “WHAT WAS THAT?!?”
ME: I throw myself in an upright position.”Did you hear that??? Andrew (as I shake him), I think that was THUNDER! IS IT RAINING? I think its raining… and I heard REAL THUNDER!”
ANDREW: “No its just our sound maker…”
ME: “NO ANDREW, the sound maker isn’t on, this rain sounds different than our sound maker and I think it was REAL THUNDER! I haven’t heard REAL THUNDER in like a YEAR!”
ANDREW: In a very exhausted slurring voice. “I’m sorry …WHAT can I do for you?”
ME: As I dramatically turn over… “NOTHING!” …. close my eyes…
ME: “See did you hear that?!”
ANDREW: “Yes, I guess its raining!”
…close my eyes again smiling…
3:00 A.M: I AM FREEZING and I can’t sleep… is it time to get up yet?
4:00 A.M.: What time is it? Ugh I have to wake up in 15 MINUTES! …wait no I don’t I’m just a retard and set my alarm 45 minutes before I have to wake up… should I turn it off since I am up an hour before I have to wake up? No… what if I don’t wake up??
4:15 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP UGH! This is the worst sounding alarm EVER… too tired… sleepy
4:30 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP OMG What am I doing to myself… ???
4:45 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP Okay… maybe I should get up and run
5:00 A.M. Nope… not running now, I bet if I get up in half an hour I would still have time to get ready and just let my hair go curly
5:30 A.M. I bet I could sleep another half an hour and STILL have time
6:00 A.M. Hmmm… yep another half an hour… I’m SURE I can make it to work on time still AND RUN
6:15 A.M. Oops meant to set that for 6:30 A.M.
6:30 A.M. Hmmm yeah, SOOOOO NOT RUNNING…
6:45 A.M. Maybe I have time if I got up RIGHT NOW~ … zzzzzzz…
but, IT FINALLY RAINED! … and that’s all that matters.


I was getting ready this morning thinking I had just bought a new hair product that I was out of but couldn’t find, and realized that I had dreamed last night that I bought the product. I told Andrew how frustrating it was to take care of everything on your “to-do” list in your dreams and then realizing you dreamed it, and having to do it all over again! …he giggled.
Have you ever had a dream and actually known you were dreaming throughout the dream… telling yourself not to forget this awesome idea when you wake up so that you can be a trend setter? Move mountains? Make the world a better place?
…Well, that was me last night! I was determined that I had the best dream idea ever! I remembered waking up throughout the night last night thinking “I’ve got to remember this so that I can tell people about it and get this awesome idea started as soon as possible!” This thought process carried on throughout the night waking me up every half hour (YES, half hour…). I think it was because I was so excited to tell Andrew all about it, but he was asleep and I did not want to wake him up to tell him about it. (That would just be mean, right?)
BEEP BEEEP BEEEEP! Off goes my 5:30 am alarm (the fifth alarm of the morning because I set my alarm every 15 minutes from 4:30 on). I used to think of it as a treat, giving myself those extra 15 minutes to sleep, but 15 became 30, and 30 became 45 and … well you get the idea. So, 5 alarms later, I am DETERMINED that Andrew would love to hear my amazing idea, and he will think it is just as amazing. YES, and I better get it off my mind before I forget about it, or this amazing idea would just go to waste!
“ANDREW, are you awake? … ” He rolls and groans and hesitantly says yes. So I proceed to tell him about my dream…
SIDE NOTE: Have you ever thought you had the best idea in the world, and when you actually start telling someone your idea, you realize that is it the worst idea ever, and you don’t know how it could ever work out. In fact, it should have never been brought up or even thought of in the first place??
That was what I experienced this morning…
So here was my “AMAZING” brilliant dream idea:
(In my actual dream, this happened and I had a BLAST playing!)
There should be this game that people roller-blade with beer filled camel packs on their back. So the rules are that you can only move while you are drinking beer. But when you stop drinking (and you have to stop to breathe and swallow sometimes…) you have to stop moving. This causes people to collide into each other, just a total mess of chaos. So you have to be strategic when you stop. There are set boundaries that the players have to stay in to be in the game (like a basketball court, but bigger). At any time you are not drinking, other players can tap you. If another player touches you and you are not drinking, you are out of the game. So the last player standing wins!
REALLY??? REALLY?? and BEER? Straw in mouth while moving?? (So unsafe!) Why on earth would I have a dream like this, and even worse, why did I think this was such an amazing idea?? I am so embarrassed…
After I told Andrew, he really did not have much to say… I just told him to forget about it and go back to sleep. Then I got to thinking about dreams. They are so imaginative and creative, things I never even knew or thought my mind and body would think of or could do. What do they mean? Wouldn’t it be neat if we could record our dreams? …We could tap into our unconsciousness and see what really happens when we are sleeping, and everything we are thinking about? Do you think we could find the cure for all cancer in someone’s dreams? Or the answers to all of our questions? I really wish I could see everything I dream about… Then again, it is sort of terrifying to think that all of my dreams have the possibility to be like the one described above.
Okay, maybe I can’t cure cancer, or don’t have the answers to all of our questions, but I am sure someone out there does. If only I could see their dreams…
“Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.” Author Unknown
“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” Edgar Cayce


I have bitter/sweet feelings about Lent season being over. As most of you know, I gave up sweets. This included all candy, desserts, and most of all among those desserts… ice-cream: My all time favorite, I will never say no, no matter how much you serve me, I will eat ALL of it, dessert. I did amazing over the season. Not only did I do good, but my relationship with God grew stronger and stronger. I am so happy that I did what I did, and when I felt stressed about it, I turned to God for strength and courage to resist! He did just that.
NOW… I only wish Lent lasted forever. Since the season ended (and YES, I do know that it was only yesterday) I did not order dessert at dinner, but ate over half of everyone else’s at Oisies Table! This included half a piece of lemon pie, over half of a large piece of AMAZING tres leches, and half of a donut thingy with ice-cream in the middle and drizzled in chocolate. Then I managed to stuff my face with a bunch of chocolate (throughout the day) and blackberry cobbler, oh and I can’t forget eating almost an entire tray of cinnamon rolls (doused in delicious butter, brown sugar and cinnamon)…
So came this morning, I told myself I was done with sweets, and that was just a crazy binge and I deserved it… NO SWEETS FOR LINDSAY TODAY!
I didn’t pray about it, I should have prayed about it! I should have asked God to give me the strength to resist all temptations today… WHY DIDN’T I PRAY ABOUT IT?
I get to work and there was this delicious confetti cupcake with cream frosting and topped with this cute looking grass (coconut) and peanut butter eggs and little chocolate mints on it! It was adorable! I should have taken a picture. (I’ll get better at that since I am not very good at description). Anyway, I told myself that I would just look at it and enjoy it’s beauty all day then take it home and throw it away. The problem was that IT WAS YELLING AT ME! IT WAS ACTUALLY SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF ITS LUNGS TO EAT IT! I was so embarrassed for the poor cupcake about to lose its voice, and needed silence to work, so I quickly helped it out and made it disappear in my belly. In fact, after that, I heard another one yelling in the office next to me, so I thought I would help out the co-worker that made it and eat hers too. . . then I ate two robin eggs… one chocolate chip cookie, and two more robin eggs.
Because I need the strength to stop, I have come up with a little prayer that I will say every day when I feel the urge of temptation, hear the screaming, and feel the anxiety to take care of other coworkers’ sweets on their desks, or in tin cans, or just sitting on the counter:
Dear God,
Please give me the strength to avoid this sweet,
I don’t care if it is a delicious treat!
And when I feel I’m on the verge,
Please help me resist the urge.
If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. ~Benjamin Franklin