Friday, March 16, 2012


It is true... it has been too long since I have written a blog post, yet again. I wish I was as committed as everyone else at keeping this blog up. I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts, experiences, and life on here, I just never have the time!  I know if I made it a part of my daily routine, I would be completely committed to this. 

I am a routine kind of girl. The second I am out of routine, I don't know what to do. I get in a funk and will not be able to get out of it until I get back into my usual daily routine. I know what works for me, and I know what doesn't.  Call me boring, but it is something about me that I don't want to change!

CHANGE.  Growing up, I loved CHANGE.  I think it was because I had such a stable family and lifestyle that whenever something small around me would change I became excited. My favorite thing would be to come home from camp (after a week) and my parents would rearrange the furniture. It was so exciting, it felt like a new house.

CHANGE. Today, I feel very different about change.  Too often, things are changing around me. Just when I get comfortable with or used to something, it changes. For the good or bad. Not that anything is wrong with change, it is just all happening quicker and quicker.  I want time to stand still just for a day... or a week.  I know I am not that old... but it seems the older I get, the quicker the days, weeks, months, years are flying.  SLOW DOWN!  How do I make it slow down?

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Andrew and I went to Austin for a business trip (I got to tag along for the first time!).  Driving through campus, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about our college years... it felt like just yesterday when we were walking between the buildings to get to the next class. Then I got to thinking...  the freshman that started college the following fall after Andrew graduated (the year I was supposed to graduate) will be graduating this May.  4 YEARS AGO! Could it already have been  that long since we were in college? Okay I know, I took a victory lap and stayed another year... but still, that sure does not feel like four years ago. It feels like it was just a few days ago... just yesterday!  I can't believe our ten year high school reunion is coming up in less than two years.  HAS IT ALREADY BEEN eight years since highschool?  I want to go back and be a kid again with out any responsibilities (besides making my bed, brushing my teeth, helping out around the house and school). Now I have a mortgage, a job, no spring break... I could keep going but I wouldn't want to bore you anymore than I already have.  Yes, there are a lot of great things that have come with change as well:  An amazing husband who I love very dearly, a perfect house, many new family members including two beautiful nieces!  The problem is... they are growing too quick.

How do I make time slow down?

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  1. If you figure out how to make it slow down let me know...time flys by soooo will be even worse when you have kids. Exciting, but at the same time makes you kinda sad!