Monday, October 8, 2012

Telling Andrew I'm Pregnant

It was 4:00 am Saturday morning and I woke up to my cat, Mali,  pawing me and meowing at me like crazy.  At this point I had to go to the bathroom but it was just too far away, and I was just too tired.   Mali was begging for attention from then on.  At 5:00 she started pawing at my very tender chest (sign one). I pushed her away and she started pawing at my clock (why, I have no idea).  Suddenly (both of us pretty annoyed with her) we heard "LOOOOONG NECK BOTTLE..." She had turned on my iTunes on my iPhone which was hooked up to the iHome, volume set very loud.  We both wanted to hit her but started laughing instead.  I am convinced that Mali thinks it is her job to make sure that we get up in the mornings.  Lo and behold, sleep conquered all and I slowly fell back into a deep sleep.

6:30 this routine starts over, sans the DJ attempt.  At this point I had to SERIOUSLY use the restroom. I was a day late on my period and thought, why not? I pulled out a pregnancy test.  "Lindsay its probably going to say 'NEGATIVE' don't be upset".  It took less than a minute for the results to appear. LESS THAN A MINUTE!!! I used to stare at those tests for like ten minutes thinking... oh just give it time, it will change. In less than a minute there was a definite "+" sign. I seriously had to clear my eyes thinking I was just seeing things.  I stared at myself in the mirror and started to cry.

I always knew exactly how I would tell Andrew when I first saw a positive sign. I was going to go to the grocery store and buy a pink and blue helium filled balloon and put it in a box. I would wrap the box with normal wrapping paper and when he got home from work I would be like, "That box was sitting on our front door step with no tag.  I wanted to wait for you to open it." When we opened it together the balloons would fly out and we would be so happy.  Well that was quickly thrown out of the window when excitement took over. I ran into the bedroom and JUMPED on him (yes he was still in a deep slumber)! He quickly jumped up and the first thing he said, "Its not even seven yet!" He looked a little mad at me. "It's positive! It's positive!" I EXCLAIMED.  He quickly turned that frown upside down.  I told him I didn't believe it so I took another test.  Well what do you know, it was positive, too.  BRING ON THE PREGNANCY SO THAT WE CAN WELCOME BABY BARNES INTO THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD!

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  1. What a wonderful moment! Congratulations to you guys!