Friday, April 8, 2011

Capitol 10K March 27, 2011

My Dad and Me @ 2011 Capitol 10K (My best time:  48:46 min / 7:51/M)

If you know how slow I ran when I first started running... this race really has shown me that I have improved my pace immensely over the past eight years of running.  My mantra for years used to be "SLOW and STEADY WINS THE RACE"! went along with the idea of, if I can finish it, I have accomplished it no matter what the time is. Which I still believe in. Now that I have realized I can push myself WAY past my comfort zones.  This mantra was great for me when I first started running because I was not a great runner.  My competitiveness would take over, and I would get overwhelmed and frustrated when I could not keep up with other (well practiced) runners. With everything you do in life, you have to start somewhere, and I started veeerrrryyy slow!  I have improved my running pace by >2:00 minutes per mile now and hope to keep on improving!  

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