Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning... Unavoidable this year

I have had A LOT on my mind lately, and now that my escape button on my keyboard to paradise doesn't work anymore, I am having to come back to reality.  I figure the best way to deal with the stress that has been accumulating over the past few weeks is to list out everything that's on my mind. So, that is exactly what I am going to do.

#1. Paradise cannot last forever even if you close your eyes really tight and wish really hard. My trip to Cabo was AMAZING!  Too bad it couldn't have lasted another week. But, the fact is, I AM BACK and ready to get back on that bandwagon of making things happen and getting them done!
#2. Resumes should not be so stressful to edit. Get over yourself and make it happen! (Anyone AMAZING at helping people with resumes??)
#3. You cannot live out of boxes for the next 2 months even weeks, you will go CRAZY! Get off your lazy bum and unpack at least one box a day! That doesn't sound too bad, right?
#4. I know you are torn: should you clean your dirty new apartment since you have lived there long enough for dust to build up or should you unpack first?? The answer is BOTH! Take care of your kitchen, floors, bathroom and sinks and keep them clean.  Flylady.com says it best!  Clean your sink EVERY NIGHT... is it a wonderful way to put a smile on your face in the morning when your sink greets you in the morning.
#5 Studying shouldn't be that hard... I know you haven't really done it in two years, but suck it up! Once you get your apartment together, grab that book, put on a swimsuit and lay out in the evenings by the pool and study. Its a win/win situation!
#6 No, you cannot walk your cat even if it is the perfect evening to do so.
     a) she will not participate, in fact, will have nothing to do with a leash
     b) she is not a dog
     c) she will get mauled by other dogs
     d) she says "meow" not "bark"
     e) My Cat is NOT a Dog. My Cat is NOT a Dog. (Repeat 10 more times...)
     f) be a big girl and go on a walk by yourself... YOU CAN DO IT!
#7 You CAN lose the weight you gained in Cabo.  You will never know how much you gained if you don't get on that scale... -Step on it -Look at the number -Subtract the difference -Get on board and MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

Really? That's it? ...THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO DO to get what seemed like loads and loads of stress in my head and on my chest, and make it all disappear?? This shouldn't be too hard right? I will get this done in no time!

GOAL TO ACCOMPLISH THESE #7 STRESSORS (might have just made that word up... or just be a terrible speller): 2 Weeks!  MAY 3rd is my D-DAY to have all of this accomplished/in the process (studying for my teaching exam!) Now that I have told you all, I wont let you down!  WISH ME LUCK~

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