Friday, April 8, 2011

Here goes nothing...

I always told myself, and friends, I would start a blog whenever Andrew and I started a family and write about my ups and downs throughout the entire experience. I wanted to use it as a way to keep people I do not keep in touch with as often, updated with this oh-so-busy-crazy-thing-I-like-to-call-life... and also use it for myself, to document my life so that I can look back and do what I do best... get all nostalgic about the good-ol'-days. ::Tear:: (Did I mention I haven't had a GOOD cry in like two years!! ... We'll save that for another entry...)

WRITERS NOTE:  I suck at proper grammar and punctuations, commas, etc. when I write.  I know how it SHOULD look, but when I write, if I am not turning in a paper I do not pay much attention... I write how I speak!  Oh, did I mention I L-O-V-E to use ellipses??  YES... I do! If these are the types of things that you, as a reader, just cannot bring yourself to get past while reading my entries, then please stop reading here...

I got really enthused, excited, and eager about this blog and set up a page (back in August). I decided I would just start writing about my thoughts. Thoughts were expected just to flow out my mind and I would have enough of them to write a blog entry a day! RIGHT? YES, I was on a roll with these expectations...  I thought they would just flow. (Trust me, this brain never stops... even in my sleep, it is going 100 miles per hour!!)  I think I made at least ten attempts that went a little like this: Sitting down in front of computer...Body Position: Indian Style (my favorite)... Hot Tea to the Left of Computer... Blog Opened... Fingers Ready... Ready... Ready.... YEP, got nothing!  Laptop cover ::SHUTS:: ...Maybe tomorrow...

I do not consider myself an excellent writer, or a writer at all for that matter... sometimes most of the time I find it hard to put into words everything that is going on in my mind.  I write the way I think, and speak what's on my mind... which sometimes gets me in trouble. I will try to be objective in my writing (yeah right... but really, I will try to see both sides with controversial issues).  Okay, lets be realistic... this blog will be VERY subjective, but it will be me through and through.  I think this will be a great way to practice expressing what I am thinking and in the mean time, keep friends and family in touch with my thoughts, experiences, and life in general!  ...Well, my not-so-exciting life, but hopefully it will be enough to keep you reading! ;)  Here's to hoping...


  1. Lindsay, I LOVE IT! You are an excellent writer! Seriously, I felt like we just had a conversation....the way a blog should be! (I too LOVE to use ellipses in my writing...I use them so much I don't even know when I'm supposed to use them or not anymore lol. May I mention that I LOVE your profile description. You're a natural. I'm looking forward to more posting! Hugs your way!

  2. Lindsay, a blog for me is exactly what your attempting...its a simple way for you to let your thoughts out on paper for you to look back on later and for those you want to have access to read as well. Consider this your journal or diary that you would have written in when you were a kid. If something strikes your interest enough to tell someone about it talk about it here! Tell us about life experiences, exciting or boring, someone out there may need to hear it or see that someone else is just like them! Have fun with it...its like running- you need the motivation to get started but then you just do it and don't think about it as much anymore! You will be great and yes we are all eager to see how this turns out! =)Congrats!

  3. Good for you linds!! I've started a few too and I know it's not easy to keep up. (Probably because I am too worried about perfect writing which isn't how it should be at all!) Anyway, I love it though, keep it up girl :)

  4. Awesome, Lindsay! I can't wait to "read" you! I lie ellipses and commas--like ruffles on a blouse, I say. And of course, your blog would have beautiful music--this IS you! Love you so,

  5. that would be *love* not lie. Note to self spell check sometimes doesn't work.