Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Officially Becoming a Houstonian -ite, -er

I bet you are thinking at this very moment, "Reality check Lindsay! You have lived in Houston more than half your life... you are definitely a Hostonian, -ite, -er!"  Right, right, but what most of you do not realize is that although I have lived in Houston (or the outskirts, Spring) most of my life, and more recently, lived in Houston over the past two years, I AM NEVER IN HOUSTON!  If I was in Houston, I did not have time to do anything Houston-ish to be considered a Houstonian. (OKAY I know that is the correct term, but I like Houstonite, and Houstoner, too. Houstonian sounds a lot like Custodian... and I don't know, it just doesn't flow well in my head). So Houstonian, -ite, -er is what I will call all you "Houstonians".  

Speaking of Houston, what a strange word.  I think I listed it at least 10 times in the last paragraph and as I was re-reading, it struck me: I live in a weird named city called Houston. I guess it is not that weird because we are so use to hearing it most of our lives... but once I started saying it ten times in a paragraph, it started feeling strange.  Maybe I am just in a strange mood. 

Okay, I am back. So let's talk about how I want to officially become a Houstonian, -ite, -er. (Doesn't feel so strange anymore, now I feel kind of stupid for even mentioning it.) 

#1: Find a group of friends that I can call up on a day in/day out basis and say, "HEY LET'S GO GRAB LUNCH!", or "WANT TO COME OVER AND HANG OUT?", or "LET'S GO SHOPPING!"
     -Now let me set this straight: I DO HAVE FRIENDS IN HOUSTON! I just need to be a better friend and call them up more and start hanging out more with them!! I miss you all you HOUSTONIANS, -ITES, -ERS!  So I am going to make this happen! Expect a phone call over the next few weeks!
     -Andrew and I have been so fortunate to have the ability to travel! AND BOY HAVE WE TRAVELED! Over the past six months we have been back and forth from Houston to Ft Worth to Austin to Baton Rouge to Tyler to New York to YOU NAME IT ....and back X10  Now that I am done with school and our schedules have slowed down A TON, we are ready to specify our title from "Texanites" to "Houstonites, -onian, -ers" <-different order but get the point!

#2 Please in the comments section tell me your favorite thing to do in Houston! 
     -I want to do it too! Let me know if you want to come too!

#3 Get involved in some League/Alumni Groups.  
     -I have been wanting to join Junior League and get involved with my Kappa Alpha Theta Houston Alumni Group. I am going to make it happen!

So there you have it! Once I make these three things happen, I will officially consider myself a "Houstonian, -ite, -er"!  I would love your input on things to do in Houston if you have some time!


  1. Lindsay-this is great! You write just the way I think. Hope all is well!

  2. I need to get in on this too! I am so used to being in my certain little area and never travel into the city unless its for a concert/show or to meet my hubby for lunch during the week (which hardly ever happens anymore because of my work schedule) I always tell Matt how jealous I am that he works downtown because he gets to hit up all the cool local places for lunch...i'm stuck with Mcdonalds for my! I need to venture into the city!

  3. Let me know if you ever what to venture out and try some great places in H~Town! :)

  4. Will do! There are many places I wanna try!!