Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Method Laundry Detergent by Lauren Geffert

I am so excited to welcome my first guest post for my blog. (If any one else is interested: have a product you want to give a review on, or just want to speak your mind, I would love to feature you! Just send me an email @ LindsayEBarnes@gmail.com or message me!)

After reading my last post, my sister recommended a fantastic product to write a review about.  Hope you enjoy her input and go buy this product! Not only will you be saving yourself the money (only 4 pumps per load), but you will be taking a part of making our planet a better world to live in:

Hello everyone!  This is Lauren, Lindsay's sister.  I asked Lindsay to feature this product on her blog, and she asked me to be a guest writer. Yay! 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Method Laundry Detergent.

Do you have bit of powdered detergent scattered all around your washing machine? Or perhaps these blue sticky blobs here and there from your liquid detergent (let’s not even talk about the sticky mess on the bottle)? 

Well, have no fear. Method Laundry Detergent is here.

Okay… seriously, I love this stuff, and here is why:
·       It’s small… really small.  Let me put it in perspective.  This is smaller than half a bottle of wine.
·       4 pumps. 1-2-3-4.  Seriously!
·       It is very neat!  No detergent all over the place.
·       It’s light (in terms of weight).  I know this is practically the same as the first bullet point, but as a person who carries her groceries home more often then not, it is WONDERFUL!  (To be clear, the walk is not really that far…Target is in the same parking lot where I live. Well, I mean, I don’t live in a parking lot, but my building is in the same lot. Never mind.)
·       Best of all, it is a better choice for our planet! 
o   Method’s new 8x concentrated laundry detergent packs 25 loads in a 300 mL bottle, easily a sixth of the footprint of a conventional 2x concentrated detergent bottle.
o   The plant-based detergent uses 95 percent natural and renewable ingredients, and Method says it requires 33 percent less energy to produce than traditional detergents.
o   Here’s the full article.

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  1. never tried the detergent, but i love all their other products!! will have to pick some up next time i'm in target :)