Saturday, January 19, 2013


To put it into perspective: I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks on the day.  Since the day I found out I was pregnant... it has been 18 weeks. I am now 22 weeks and have 18 weeks left until Riley's due date. I understand she might not arrive on that EXACT date, but it really makes it real!  The chalkboard is on hold for a little bit until I can find some time to repaint it.  I thought I was being so smart by using chalk paint markers.  Unfortunately, they do not clean off all the way on my chalkboard so I want to put another coat of chalkboard paint on the board before I update it again.  I will do a belly shot later today and post though.  Here we are @ 22 weeks!

How far along? 22 WEEKS! 
Total weight gain: 12 lbs.  Baby is the size of a papaya and over a pound now!
Maternity clothes? Just ordered another batch of maternity clothes! I am almost completely out of pants to wear. My pants I kept that used to be two sizes too big (pre-pregnancy) are now one size too small. Depressing.  I understand, I am growing a baby inside of me, but there is still that realization that I don't fit any of my normal pants anymore which is a little depressing. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.  (Fingers crossed)
Sleep: I really am not enjoying sleeping on my side.  I am so uncomfortable.  Andrew got me a snoogle for Christmas and I cannot quite figure out how to get comfortable with it.  I have a tempur-pedic pillow that I LOVE and I cannot figure out how to use the snoogle AND my tempur-pedic pillow comfortably.  1-2 trips to the bathroom a night still and lots of tossing and turning in the mornings.  Can't sleep in even when I want to. 
Best moment this week: Buying some nursery wall decor. I am so excited to get the nursery together. I have just been buying things here and there, but I am ready to buckle down and get that room finished!

Movement: Feels about the same.  Off and on... usually in the mornings and evenings when I am laying down being lazy.  I am ready to start feeling her constantly.  Apparently, since I am so tall, she has a lot more room in there which must be why I am not feeling her as strong. I am not nearly as big as most girls at 22 weeks but the doc said I am doing great in size, so I guess I wont worry too much about it. 
Food cravings: None. I have decided its because I eat what I want. lol  I haven't deprived myself of anything so I haven't really had any cravings.  
Gender : TEAM PINK! Riley Grace.
Labor Signs: N/A
Symptoms: Just fatigue lately.  I have been pretty exhausted lately. I think Riley is supposed to double in size and weight over the next four weeks so I imagine the fatigue will hang around for a while. 
Belly Button in or out? In, although I have never seen this much of the inside of my belly button.  lol  Andrew is CONVINCED it is going to pop out.  I am DETERMINED not to let it happen. (I know I don't really have control, but I had a pretty deep set belly button to start, so we will see if it happens.)

Wedding rings on or off? On. Still fit the same so far.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy.  Just singing to Riley whenever I get a chance.  Apparently she can hear pretty well now so we have been having a lot of one way conversations lately! :)

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  1. So sweet to picture you singing to your belly baby! She's one loved little princess!