Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent Pregnancy Mishaps...

I have ALWAYS been a neat eater.  I am not known for getting food on my clothes while I eat, nor am I known for having food smeared all over my face by the time I am done with eating ribs.  I usually only use two fingers (not an entire hand), which makes the mess a lot easier to clean up in the end. More recently over the past few weeks, I have found myself to be a clumsy eater.

For an example: One minute I have my food on my fork, it is heading for my mouth… the next minute I lose it! This is no joke people. I keep literally losing my food only to find it later smeared all over my shirt, or my sheets (yes, I was eating a tangerine popsicle in bed last night and lost a part of it, only to find it 10 minutes later melted all over my ivory sheets! Today, the culprit was blueberries. One minute it is on my fork, the next… well I STILL CAN’T FIND IT!  I am sure it is squished under my butt or inside my blouse or somewhere where only other people will notice but I will have no idea. This extended belly has caused me to lose things I drop very easily.

Next up, sugar. For some odd reason the past few times I have gone to the grocery store I keep thinking I am out of sugar.  I now have THREE LARGE BAGS of sugar in my pantry.  I have got to get a hold of this pregnancy brain before I completely lose it and buy out all the sugar in the entire grocery store! Apparently I am not alone. My pregnant neighbor did the same thing recently. (I tried to give her a bag and found out).  She’s lucky she caught herself at two bags…
Anyone need any sugar?

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  1. Been there done that!!! When I was pregnant with Ryan, my friend at work was pregnant too and we managed to overflow the sink at was a classic pregnancy brain moment that neither one of us saw coming. We still laugh about it to this funny!