Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In the Zone, Then Came the Hormones

Okay hormones... You got me, you win this round but don't think I have given up.  You may have won the battle, but I will win the war! Oh that's right, you guys are not in my brain. Let me fill you in on a little pregnancy hormone mishap that occurred this morning... poor, poor Julie. (I am sorry you had to deal with that this morning Julie! ;) )

For the past few weeks I started training with my good friend Julie on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It is wonderful. She comes to my house and all I have to do is get up and get it done! NO EXCUSES!  I can't say "my car broke down", or "I slept through my alarm". Nope, this is because she shows up rain or shine at 8 a.m. at my house, ready to kick my butt!  It has been going GREAT! I have been able to preform all of the exercises she forces politely asks me to do. I have really been enjoying these workouts A LOT and I look forward to Julie coming over and training me. I am starting to see differences in my body already! Julie is an AMAZING trainer and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants to start training.

So let me take you to this morning.  Picture this:

I am fatigued from the workout and we are on the second to last exercise of the session. I had to get in an upright plank with my toes on the stability ball (Julie was holding it tight so I didn't slip). I had to alternate toe taps on the floor then bring my leg back up to the stability ball and tap the other side to the ground.  I had already done one round of these, so I knew I can do it. Well, let me tell you I have the WORST balance EVER! EVER! Poor Julie was holding on to the ball with her dear life so that it didn't roll around everywhere.  I am already having trouble holding my plank, keeping my legs straight, and balancing on the ball, and I see Julie trying SO hard to keep that ball still.  I completely LOST it breaking into a hysterical laugh which quickly made me even more weak.  I brought my knees to the ground and turned over because I couldn't stop laughing. Well... hormones took over and all of the sudden I started uncontrollably crying my eyes out. It was so embarrassing  Julie didn't know what to do. Andrew walked in, a little concerned hearing me cry.  I told him I couldn't stop crying.  He goes, "Oh, that's okay... its normal." (NORMAL? Seriously?? lol... he was so sweet to not make me feel dumb. Julie too, she was so kind and just let me take a few moments to pull myself together.)  Fortunately, it only took me a few minutes to recompose myself and we finished up the work out.

HOLY MOLY... up to this point I have not been a hormonal pregnant wreck.  This sudden outburst of tears was completely unexpected and uncontrollable.  I can't wait to see what the next 15 weeks will bring...

Again, sorry Julie! :)

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