Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have bitter/sweet feelings about Lent season being over. As most of you know, I gave up sweets. This included all candy, desserts, and most of all among those desserts… ice-cream: My all time favorite, I will never say no, no matter how much you serve me, I will eat ALL of it, dessert. I did amazing over the season. Not only did I do good, but my relationship with God grew stronger and stronger. I am so happy that I did what I did, and when I felt stressed about it, I turned to God for strength and courage to resist! He did just that.
NOW… I only wish Lent lasted forever. Since the season ended (and YES, I do know that it was only yesterday) I did not order dessert at dinner, but ate over half of everyone else’s at Oisies Table! This included half a piece of lemon pie, over half of a large piece of AMAZING tres leches, and half of a donut thingy with ice-cream in the middle and drizzled in chocolate. Then I managed to stuff my face with a bunch of chocolate (throughout the day) and blackberry cobbler, oh and I can’t forget eating almost an entire tray of cinnamon rolls (doused in delicious butter, brown sugar and cinnamon)…
So came this morning, I told myself I was done with sweets, and that was just a crazy binge and I deserved it… NO SWEETS FOR LINDSAY TODAY!
I didn’t pray about it, I should have prayed about it! I should have asked God to give me the strength to resist all temptations today… WHY DIDN’T I PRAY ABOUT IT?
I get to work and there was this delicious confetti cupcake with cream frosting and topped with this cute looking grass (coconut) and peanut butter eggs and little chocolate mints on it! It was adorable! I should have taken a picture. (I’ll get better at that since I am not very good at description). Anyway, I told myself that I would just look at it and enjoy it’s beauty all day then take it home and throw it away. The problem was that IT WAS YELLING AT ME! IT WAS ACTUALLY SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF ITS LUNGS TO EAT IT! I was so embarrassed for the poor cupcake about to lose its voice, and needed silence to work, so I quickly helped it out and made it disappear in my belly. In fact, after that, I heard another one yelling in the office next to me, so I thought I would help out the co-worker that made it and eat hers too. . . then I ate two robin eggs… one chocolate chip cookie, and two more robin eggs.
Because I need the strength to stop, I have come up with a little prayer that I will say every day when I feel the urge of temptation, hear the screaming, and feel the anxiety to take care of other coworkers’ sweets on their desks, or in tin cans, or just sitting on the counter:
Dear God,
Please give me the strength to avoid this sweet,
I don’t care if it is a delicious treat!
And when I feel I’m on the verge,
Please help me resist the urge.
If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. ~Benjamin Franklin

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