Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My TERRIBLE, No Good, Very Bad Night Sleep!

I slept TERRIBLY last night! And when I say terrible, I mean HORRIBLY, NO-GOOD, TOSSING AND TURNING, WAKING UP THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT terrible! Let me lay my night out for you…
9:00 P.M. In bed like a good little girl!
9:30 P.M. Still not asleep… way too much on my mind! MUST TURN OFF BRAIN…
10:00 P.M. (I think I fell asleep?)
12:00 A.M. Andrew comes to bed after working late hours, and wakes me up and I am drenched in a miserable sweat because I am so hot! “UGH… why did you have to wake me Andrew? No more talking!”
1:00 A.M.. ME: “WHAT WAS THAT?!?”
ME: I throw myself in an upright position.”Did you hear that??? Andrew (as I shake him), I think that was THUNDER! IS IT RAINING? I think its raining… and I heard REAL THUNDER!”
ANDREW: “No its just our sound maker…”
ME: “NO ANDREW, the sound maker isn’t on, this rain sounds different than our sound maker and I think it was REAL THUNDER! I haven’t heard REAL THUNDER in like a YEAR!”
ANDREW: In a very exhausted slurring voice. “I’m sorry …WHAT can I do for you?”
ME: As I dramatically turn over… “NOTHING!” …. close my eyes…
ME: “See did you hear that?!”
ANDREW: “Yes, I guess its raining!”
…close my eyes again smiling…
3:00 A.M: I AM FREEZING and I can’t sleep… is it time to get up yet?
4:00 A.M.: What time is it? Ugh I have to wake up in 15 MINUTES! …wait no I don’t I’m just a retard and set my alarm 45 minutes before I have to wake up… should I turn it off since I am up an hour before I have to wake up? No… what if I don’t wake up??
4:15 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP UGH! This is the worst sounding alarm EVER… too tired… sleepy
4:30 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP OMG What am I doing to myself… ???
4:45 A.M. BEEP BEEP BEEP Okay… maybe I should get up and run
5:00 A.M. Nope… not running now, I bet if I get up in half an hour I would still have time to get ready and just let my hair go curly
5:30 A.M. I bet I could sleep another half an hour and STILL have time
6:00 A.M. Hmmm… yep another half an hour… I’m SURE I can make it to work on time still AND RUN
6:15 A.M. Oops meant to set that for 6:30 A.M.
6:30 A.M. Hmmm yeah, SOOOOO NOT RUNNING…
6:45 A.M. Maybe I have time if I got up RIGHT NOW~ … zzzzzzz…
but, IT FINALLY RAINED! … and that’s all that matters.

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