Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Armadillos, Bunnies and Owls... OH MY!

YEP… it’s true~ I had a breathe-taking run this morning (no pun intended), and Andrew joined me too!
Andrew: a rare breed to come by these days during my morning runs. They tend to stay nuzzled up all warm in their cocoons until the sun rises.
Luckly, the sun was up and so was Andrew! We had a wonderful run this morning (not easy though by any means… ) I wish I had brought my camera with me because we saw some of God’s beautiful (and not so beautiful) creatures during our run. First, spotting was an owl that swooped over our heads and off into the sky to no man’s land. Next, spotting was an ARMIDILLO! (Every time I see one I think of the song by David Allen Coe, “My mind keeps rollin’ and my heart keeps yearnin’ to be home in Texas bar. I want to go home with the armadillo…”) Anyway, up next on our run was a bunny!! This was no ordinary bunny… it was the EASTER BUNNY… at least I think. It was brown and white mixed fur and looked really cuddly if only I could have caught it! Other sightings were your usual squirrel named Earl, some flies, ants, and oh of course, ANDREW!
…Such a rare and beautiful occasion!

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