Monday, December 19, 2011

2 Weddings, 6 Days, One City--NEW ORLEANS...

Well, that about sums up my post, so there you have it.  ;) Andrew and I attended two weddings in New Orleans over the past two weekends, six days apart, and I was in both of them which meant getting there the day before for the rehearsal dinners as well. We drove to New Orleans for the first, and flew the second.  I HIGHLY recommend flying!!  6 hours vs. 3 (which includes getting to the airports and to the destinations)... I will take the latter ANY DAY!  Both weddings were so special, so beautiful in their own unique ways!  I feel so honored to have been a part of two of my best friends', who both happened to be sorority sisters from LSU, weddings!

I will admit, I am a little over New Orleans. If you don't live there, two weekends in a row will play a major toll on you!  Instead of writing yet another long post of our New Orleans experiences, below are some pictures from these beautiful weddings! ENJOY!


Just before the rehearsal, Andrew and I stopped to grab a drink at a local sushi bar.
 Groomsmen + Groom
 Bridesmaids... look how freakishly tall I look compared to the other girls... in my defense, I am wearing freakishly tall heals!
 Ring bearer and one of the flower girls.
 Beautiful bride and her padre
 haha... this one makes me laugh. 
 Bride and Mother of the Bride
 Grandmother of the Bride and Bride
 Kasey, Lea, and Me
 Good looking Bride and Groom!
 Best Man with the Groom
 Groom's Sisters, Kristin and Jessica, and Best friend, Angie
 LOVED the name plates!
 Matron of Honor with the Bride-to-be!
 Couldn't help but take another shot!
 Something blue...
 Post Wedding

Quick Shot in Front of the Trolley!
 Kasey and Jonathan's First Dance
 Oh hey, there's Andrew and me!
 The Other Flower Girl... they were so precious!
 Brad, Kaki, Andrew and me
 Love you Kasey!
 Kasey with the flower girls!
 Just before the cake pull! (I GOT THE FLEUR DE LIS!)
 THETA LADIES! (Sorry Ash, Andrew isn't the best photographer)
 haha this was my idea for the guys to pick up the bride, but I couldn't get a good one with Kasey looking...


 Meg and Me!
 My handsome husband
 The next couple of shots are our few attempts for a Christmas photo... bear with me.
 YAY, we got to see Ann and Josh Courtney! <3 you guys
 Christmas Photo Attempt #2

 Meg with Precious Flower Girl, Hannah
 Meg and fiance, Kyle
 Christmas Picture Attempt #3
 Theta Ladies!
 Meg, Ann and Me

2 beautiful weddings, 6 days...exhausted!


  1. Wow, Lindsay! You look beautiful and I love seeing your friends. Kasey and Ashley Lynn made beautiful brides.

  2. Thanks for the blog shout out! And, YOU CAN'T BE OVER NEW ORLEANS, IT'S BLASPHEMY!