Friday, December 2, 2011


Confession: I always get a little bummed December 26th, because the holiday season has passed and I have to wait another entire year for it to return.  **The negatives of getting too excited about EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME** So as you can imagine, I am usually counting down the days for December to arrive in anticipation and excitement of the upcoming Holiday Season.

Reality: I cannot believe how quickly it arrived!  We have been so busy this year with training for marathons/half marathons, buying a house, moving, weddings... you name it, that the Holiday Season kind of creeped up on me this year.  

So with the Holiday Season in full swing, and due to my lack of being a committed and reliable blogger: I hereby vow to try to post more this Christmas Season with all of the exciting events coming up this month. Most importantly...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Don't forget the reason for the season! 

~Happy Birthday Month, Jesus~


  1. Happy Birthday month, Jesus. Indeed. I'm getting excited just reading your post. It's going to be an awesome Christmas in your new house!

  2. loving the blog background!! happy holidays to you :)