Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Came and Went

Where did this year go? Seriously, this year has flown! FLOWN I TELL YA! What happened... how is it already December? Anyone else feeling this way? I feel like I was at my family's ranch celebrating the new year 2011 just yesterday.  It baffles me that we will be doing that again in just another week.

Christmas is here! Usually I would say finally, because I am anxiously awaiting it. This year, I don't want it to be here yet... I want ONE MORE WEEK to relax and take in all the beautiful decorations and enjoy family and friends.  Do you think we could add another week to December? Any takers?  I'll make it happen, I just need three more takers, and I'll snap my fingers and we will get an extra week!  Just three more... (I figure one isn't enough, two could be but then might have a "secret extra week club" that no one else would know about so that wouldn't work, and three would be enough to spread the word).

Since I don't think I will find three takers, I better stop typing and get out there and take in as much Christmas cheer, family and friend camaraderie, and eggnog as I can!

I hope you all are finding time for all of this as well. Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Christmas week filled with love and family!

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  1. I love reading your blog even though we talk every day. It seems to capture your heart so sweetly! You are an amazing daughter. Merry, merry Christmas, sweet, beautiful girl. Yo mama luvs ya so!