Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeling Riley Kick for the FIrst Time

I just felt Riley kick for the first time! I am 16 weeks and 3 days.  Andrew and I were laying in bed listening to her heartbeat with the fetal doppler, and suddenly we were hearing a lot of other noises.  We both knew she was moving around in there quite a bit.  I recently read that at 16 weeks babies can hear our voices, and that studies have shown that if you sing to them in the womb they seem to recognize the song when they are out of the womb. This past weekend I decided to pick a song to always sing to her in hopes that she will recognize it when we finally meet face to face.  I couldn't find any song more fitting than "You Are My Sunshine".  As Andrew and I were listening to her sweet heartbeat and commotion (movement), we started to sing her song together to her. She suddenly started to kick stronger because I felt it about five times as we sang the song over and over. The fetal doppler matched the kicks with noise of movement so I knew I was feeling her kick.  I don't think I would have felt it if we didn't have the doppler pushed up against my uterus, but it was such a beautiful feeling. God is good.


  1. Oh, tears...such sweet moments of new life! I love being a "fly on the wall" as you share these milestones. She will be a ray of sunshine and God is so amazingly good to us!

  2. We had our baby girl in March... It was awesome!! Congrats on your pregnancy!


  3. She's going to be a singer... I just know it!